Beyond Transactions, Building Legacies

Discover Your Transition Path

We understand that your business is your legacy. Our personalized approach, deep expertise, and commitment to strategic alignment ensure a transition that honors your past and secures your future.

Our Differentiators

To a successful transition is paved with our customized, three-step plan:

In-Depth Strategic Assessment
Prevail doesn't just list businesses; it helps clients craft an exit strategy aligned with their goals.

Targeted Marketing
We focus on reaching the right buyer, not just any buyer.

Legacy Preservation
Actively working to find buyers who respect the history and culture of the business.

Prevail's Core Values

Facing the unpredictable economic landscape and the intricacies of selling a business can be daunting. We step in as your guide to navigate these pivotal transitions. Our approach is rooted in understanding and respect for the legacy you’ve built.

Success Stories

When a company I advise needs to raise money, sell, or consider a strategic partner, Prevail and their team is always at the top of my list to call. Prevail’s network, knowledge of business, the markets, value, and creativity in structuring and closing deals is unparalleled. He has helped many of my clients achieve their goals and dreams of monetizing life’s work.

John Margida Founder, Owner and CEO Margida & Associates

Mark has played a significant role in my business endeavors and has become an essential part of my professional life. His intelligence, work ethic, and dedication have made him a valuable resource not only for me but also for my clients. The fact that I’ve consistently referred opportunities to him speaks volumes about the level of trust and expertise he brings to the table. I’ve now worked with Mark for over 30 years; he has become more than just a business associate—he's become my family and my most trusted advisor.

Robert Cooper Former Director CBRE-Akron and Investor

When I began selling my company to private equity, I didn’t know where to start. I consulted several advisors to determine where to begin and was referred to Mark. Mark and his team helped me understand the market, my company, and my value as an executive. He helped me unlock hundreds of thousands of dollars of value I didn’t know existed. We mapped out a target sales price, compensation package, and strategy and got to work. I wouldn’t choose anyone else.

Sherrie Bearden Former CEO and Owner CompMed Analysis

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