Our Approach

Making your business the focal point of our work.

Our Why

Ohio’s companies tend to have an aging ownership base that is subject to certain risks, the most significant of which is the risk of losing everything they have worked so hard for due to an injury, health event, or death. The company will close because its key executive is no longer around to handle everything.

Because so much of a family’s net worth is held inside the business, when it's lost, it is typically gone forever.

Without a detailed transition plan, or perhaps better, having sold and monetized their life’s work before any of these significant life events happen, and while they can enjoy their retirement, small businesses experiencing events like these are often liquidated for pennies on the dollar instead of sold for multiples of revenue or EBITDA. This means millions of dollars in value lost due to unpredictable life events, which is an unfathomable circumstance that should never occur, but so often does.

All of this can and should be avoided at all costs, and we can help. Let’s talk and develop an action plan that is respectful to you, your business, its value, and your family.

We recognize that each client has unique goals. We are here to provide end-to-end support, expertise, and tailored solutions to help you achieve them.

How We Do Business

At Prevail, we take a different approach to solving your business needs. We believe that successful business is not just about numbers; it's about understanding your aspirations, concerns, and long-term goals. By fostering open and meaningful communication, we develop a deeper understanding of your needs, allowing us to provide personalized advice and guidance at every step of the way.

We recognize that each client has unique goals. We are here to provide end-to-end support, expertise, and tailored solutions to help you achieve them.

Meet Our Team


Mark Krohn, Esq.


Commitment, passion, creativity, an aversion to the word “no” and an ardent desire to help people and families achieve their dreams are the core values that define Mark personally, professionally, and philanthropically.

In addition to his leadership at Prevail Transaction Advisory Partners, Mark also serves as General Counsel to various family offices, helping them acquire and sell businesses, make strategic investments and chart a plan for growth and success.

Having successfully led companies of diverse scales, ranging from start-ups to those boasting revenues of up to $155 million annually, Mark possesses expertise in strategizing, orchestrating operations, and nurturing growth from inception to divestiture. As a result, companies utilizing Mark have consistently been recognized for growth, achievement, and excellence, including receiving Crain’s Cleveland Business Fast 50 Award, The Weatherhead 100, the Greater Akron Chamber’s Excellence in Business Award, Cascade Capital’s Growth Award, and numerous others.

Mark's dedication to families and the communities in which they live doesn’t stop at growing their businesses, as Mark also has a history of volunteering. His volunteer efforts have resulted in recognitions such as The Greater Akron Chamber's Thirty for the Future Award, the YMCA Volunteer of the Year Award (twice), Leadership Akron's Distinguished Leader/Innovator Award, and The United Way of Summit County Young Philanthropist of the Year Award. Other distinguished accolades include The Rotary Club of Akron's Ambassador of Service Award, The Sales and Marketing Executives International Distinguished Sales and Marketing Award, and Inside Business' Top 100 Emerging Power List.

Beyond his career and philanthropic endeavors, Mark cherishes his wife, Lori, and their three children: Alexandria, Nicole, and Noelle. His wife shared that his children chant Mark’s Mantra, “Vision, Focus + Execution” daily.

Mark's dedication to his principles and his genuine commitment to uplifting others make him a sought-after mentor and problem solver. People trust him to take advantage of their most promising opportunities and conquer their most challenging obstacles—knowing that his abilities and compassionate nature will lead them to success.


Paige Freel, MBA

Vice President

Paige is a driven and dedicated professional with a passion for supporting and collaborating with businesses. Growing up in a family that owned a local business, she developed a profound connection to the success of small and medium-sized enterprises, especially family-owned companies. Witnessing firsthand the relentless dedication and hard work required to grow and scale a family-owned business has fueled her commitment to contribute to their growth and ability to monetize their life’s work.

Her journey as a four-year collegiate athlete at the University of Mount Union, where she earned her BA, further solidified her qualities of discipline, teamwork, grit, and success. Building on that foundation, Paige pursued her MBA at The University of Akron, further enhancing her skills and knowledge, which she now utilizes to drive maximum value for the clients she represents.

Paige formerly was the Senior Manager of Projects and Initiatives with the Greater Akron Chamber of Commerce, where she embraced a range of roles—including government affairs, economic development, marketing, and project management. These diverse roles and experiences helped her build invaluable insights into the challenges and opportunities faced by businesses of all sizes and how best to take advantage of them.

Currently residing in Cleveland with her fiancé Anna and her fur baby (dog) Ellie, Paige embodies the essence of a Midwest native; hardworking, creative, successful, and adaptable, especially when it comes to adapting her hobbies to the changing seasons. You can find her at any of the Cleveland Guardian’s ‘Dollar Dog Nights’ in the summer, camping in the spring and fall, or skiing in the winter.

Paige's unique blend of education, experience, and passion makes her an exceptional advocate for businesses and a true asset to any endeavor she embarks upon.

Your trusted partner for navigating the complex world of business transactions and partnerships.