How We Helped One Business Owner Double His Expected Sale Price & Preserve His Legacy

This method isn’t for every business owner.

It’s specially crafted for companies with at least $1 million in revenue who are ready to sell their business, be it to retire or to start a new adventure.

Just like Glenn, who owned a manufacturing company in Northeast Ohio, you can see real results. In just 8 months, we helped Glenn achieve the following:

  • Attracted 20 screened and qualified potential buyers from our close network, 10 of whom toured the facility, and 6 submitted letters of intent. 
  • Negotiated a sale price that was 2.5x what Glenn initially hoped for.
  • Ensured 100% of the employees were retained during the transition.
  • Streamlined the entire process from client onboarding to closing in just 8 months.

Sounds unbelievable, right?

But at Prevail, our mission is clear: we’re here to support business owners who’ve poured their life into their work. We believe in not just providing the tools and resources for a transaction, but walking step-by-step with owners through this life-changing transition.

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The Seller’s Roadmap: Transaction Engineering & Legacy Preservation (Beyond Just Valuation)

Valuation, market positioning, buyer matching… they’re all crucial elements of a successful business sale.

But nothing surpasses a meticulously designed sale process that consistently delivers not just any buyer but the right buyer – one who your business, your customers, and your employees.

Here’s a glimpse of what that looks like:

Imagine a process that doesn’t just list your business but positions it, attracting not just interest but the right interest.

A typical broker might tell you this:

  • List your business on popular platforms.
  • Wait for buyers to show interest.
  • Engage in negotiations, often compromising on either price or terms.

That’s an outdated approach, one that overlooks the essence of your life’s work.

The market for business sales is more nuanced than ever. You could list your business and wait endlessly without attracting the right buyer. And even if you do, there’s no guarantee they’ll respect the legacy you’ve built or offer the terms you deserve.

We Used The Seller’s Roadmap To Secure a Deal That Doubled Glenn's Expected Price, Preserved His Employees' Jobs, & Ensured His Business's Legacy in Just 8 Months

For years, we’ve worked with business owners like Glenn, navigating the intricate landscape of selling their companies. 8 months after implementing The Seller’s Roadmap, not only did Glenn secure a buyer who offered more than twice the price he hoped for, but he also ensured that his employees remained part of the business’s future and his company’s legacy continued to thrive.

That’s the power of a well-orchestrated sale. It’s not just about the numbers; it’s about ensuring your business’s essence – its people, its reputation, its future – is preserved and enhanced.

Over the years, we learned a vital lesson: the success of a sale isn’t just in closing a deal. It’s in closing the right deal.

We don’t focus on casting the widest net but on weaving a web that attracts the buyer who values your business as much as you do.

The result?

Business owners like Glenn, not only met but exceeded their sales expectations while ensuring their life’s work continued to prosper under new ownership.

So let’s dig into how we do it.

The 5 Steps to Executing "The Seller’s Roadmap" for Optimal Business Sales & Legacy Preservation 

There are five key steps we go through to execute The Seller’s Roadmap successfully.

Step 1:  Deep Dive into Client Goals & Aspirations. 

Step 2:  Precision-targeted marketing for the Ideal Buyer. 

Step 3:  Meticulous Coordination During Due Diligence. 

Step 4: Seamless Closing for a Harmonious Transition. 

Step 5:  Post-Sale Support for Continued Success & Legacy Fortification.

We’ll walk you through each step below, but first, let’s delve into the rationale behind The Seller’s Roadmap.

Ever wondered how a seasoned craftsman shapes a masterpiece?

They don’t start with random chiseling; they begin with a vision, understanding the essence of the material, and meticulously planning each stroke.

The Seller’s Roadmap is similar. We don’t rush into the marketplace; we start by understanding the core of your business, your aspirations, and your legacy.

It’s about carving a path that’s uniquely yours, ensuring that each step taken not only aligns with your goals but also enhances the value of your business.

What you’re doing here is not just selling a business; you’re orchestrating a transition that respects your life’s work, protects your employees, and secures your legacy. 


To give you a clearer picture, we've compiled a detailed workbook illustrating each step of The Seller’s Roadmap. This resource is designed to guide you through the intricacies of the method, ensuring you're well-prepared for each phase of the sale. You can access it for free inside this Seller's Roadmap Workbook.


Step 1: Understanding Client Goals & Sculpting the Ideal Exit Strategy

When it comes to selling a business, understanding the owner’s vision is not just the first step; it’s the cornerstone of the entire process. Let’s see how we applied this with Glenn.

Glenn came to us through a mutual connection at a time when his attempts to sell his company were going nowhere. He’d tried the usual routes – engaging business brokers, attempting to handle it himself – but nothing stuck. It was the fate of a neighboring company, forced into liquidation due to the owner’s sudden illness and lack of an exit strategy, that pushed Glenn to act. He didn’t just want to sell; he wanted to sell right.

In our initial discussion, we dove deep into Glenn’s vision for the sale. It wasn’t a conversation about numbers and figures; it was a dialogue about legacy, care, and continuation. Glenn’s priorities were clear:

  1. Ensuring his team was respected and their future secured.
  2. Preserving the family name associated with the company.
  3. Finding a buyer who not only understood the business’s value but also shared Glenn’s commitment to its legacy.

Interestingly, the initial focus wasn’t on the price tag. It was about finding the right fit, the right future for the company Glenn had built. Yet, when we delved into the financials and market valuation, we realized the potential for a deal that surpassed Glenn’s expectations. But this journey wasn’t about numbers; it was about alignment – aligning Glenn’s company with a buyer who saw beyond the balance sheet to the story, the legacy, and the potential.

This step isn’t just about understanding; it’s about aligning. It’s about ensuring that when we move forward, every step, every strategy, and every negotiation aligns seamlessly with what’s truly important – the goals, the people, and the legacy behind the business.

Curious about how this understanding translates into a tailored selling strategy? Keep reading as we break down how deep insights lead to compelling results in Step 2 of The Seller’s Roadmap.

Step 2: Precision-Targeted Marketing to Connect with the Ideal Buyer

Glenn’s journey wasn’t about casting a wide net; it was about precision – targeting the right audience that aligns with the business’s values and vision. Here’s how we made it happen:

In the realm of business sales, the scattergun approach is all too common, but at Prevail, we play a different game. We believe in targeted precision, connecting businesses not just with any buyer but with the right buyer.

Our journey with Glenn started with crafting a marketing portfolio. Unlike traditional brokerages fixated on volume, we honed in on value. Our outreach was selective, strategic, and aimed squarely at a curated pool of potential buyers whose visions resonated with Glenn’s aspirations for his business.

The results? ReGlennably swift and strikingly effective. Within weeks, Glenn’s business wasn’t just on the market; it was on the radar of 15 highly interested parties. Conversations sparked, NDAs were signed, and before long, Letters of Intent began to pour in. But it wasn’t about the number of offers; it was about the quality. Each potential buyer wasn’t just screened for financial viability but for a match in ethos, values, and vision for the business’s future.

The buyers we zeroed in on didn’t just meet the financial criteria; they embodied the essence of what Glenn’s business stood for – respect for its employees, continuation of its legacy, and a commitment to its foundational values.

Curious about how this targeted approach translates into a seamless transition and a successful sale? Stay tuned as we unfold the meticulous coordination of due diligence in Step 3 of The Seller’s Roadmap.

Step 3: Coordinated Due Diligence & Streamlining the Path to Sale

Due diligence is more than a phase; it’s the heartbeat of the transaction process. It’s where every claim is verified, every number is scrutinized, and the foundation of the deal is solidified. Here’s how we ensured a seamless due diligence process for Glenn, turning potential hurdles into stepping stones for a successful sale.

In any business sale, due diligence can be a daunting phase. It’s comprehensive, probing into every aspect of the business – financials, legalities, operations, and more. For Glenn, this phase was not just about validating what was but also about sculpting what could be. The buyer was keen on understanding the current state of the business and also its future potential, starting with sales projections for the coming year – a task Glenn had never undertaken before.

Here’s how we navigated this critical phase:

  • Collaborative Information Sharing: Due diligence is a two-way street, requiring transparent and efficient communication. We facilitated this dialogue, ensuring that the buyer had access to all necessary documentation, from financial records to operational insights. Our goal was to make this process as streamlined as possible, understanding that a well-coordinated due diligence phase doesn’t just save time; it builds trust.
  • Customized Support & Risk Mitigation: Recognizing that each buyer has unique needs and concerns, we tailored our support to align with these specific requirements. For Glenn, this meant assisting in creating his first-ever sales projections, ensuring that the buyer’s need for forward-looking insights was met with precision and clarity. We didn’t just deliver data; we provided insights, foresight, and a clear vision of the business’s potential.
  • Proactive Strategy & Collaboration: The due diligence phase is not just about responding to queries; it’s about anticipating them. By proactively identifying potential concerns and collaborating with the buyer to address them, we transformed due diligence from a phase of scrutiny into a stage of strategic alignment. Our approach wasn’t reactive; it was anticipatory, ensuring that every potential risk was not just identified but effectively mitigated.

Through meticulous coordination, tailored support, and proactive strategy, the due diligence phase for Glenn’s business sale wasn’t just a hurdle to overcome; it was an opportunity to reinforce the value of the business, build trust with the buyer, and pave a smooth path to a successful sale.

Curious about how this meticulous approach leads to not just a sale but the right sale? Stay tuned as we unveil the seamless closing and harmonious transition in Step 4 of The Seller’s Roadmap.

Step 4: Closing the Deal – Orchestrating the Seamless Conclusion

Closing a deal is akin to conducting an orchestra. Each section, each note, must come together in perfect harmony. This isn’t just about signing papers; it’s about ensuring that every detail, every agreement, and every promise made through the journey is honored and crystallized. 

Here’s how we ensured a symphonic closing for Glenn’s deal.

In the business sale symphony, the closing is the crescendo. It’s where the meticulous work of due diligence, the strategic maneuvers of negotiation, and the careful preservation of legacy converge. For Glenn, this phase was the culmination of months of effort, a period where every moving piece had to fit just right.

Here’s how we orchestrated this crucial phase:

  • Integrated Legal Expertise: Typically, closing a deal involves bringing in external legal counsel, adding new layers of complexity and communication. But at Prevail, we do things differently. Our legal services are not just an add-on; they’re an integral part of our approach. Having been involved from the start, our legal team isn’t just familiar with the details; they’ve been part of crafting the story. This seamless integration means that the transition into closing is smooth, devoid of the hassle and miscommunication that often come with involving new parties at such a critical juncture.
  • Streamlined Coordination: Closing a deal involves more than just legal paperwork. It’s a dance of coordination, ensuring that every ‘i’ is dotted and every ‘t’ is crossed, both legally and financially. With Prevail, this coordination isn’t just efficient; it’s anticipatory. We understand the intricacies of the process, the potential pitfalls, and the importance of timing. Our team doesn’t just respond; we strategize, ensuring that every step is carefully planned and executed.
  • Personalized Closure: For Glenn, and for every client we work with, closing the deal isn’t just a transaction; it’s a personal milestone. It’s the moment where their life’s work is validated, where their legacy is secured, and where their future begins a new chapter. Recognizing this, our approach to closing is deeply personalized. We ensure that every aspect of the deal aligns not just with the financial goals but with the personal aspirations, values, and visions of our clients.
  • Continuity & Assurance: As the deal closes, our role doesn’t diminish; it evolves. We stand by our clients, ensuring that the transition isn’t just successful but also reassuring. For Glenn, this meant not just handing over the keys but also ensuring that the transition was smooth for his employees, comforting for his family, and promising for his future. Our support during closing is not just about concluding a deal; it’s about ensuring continuity, offering assurance, and celebrating a new beginning.

Closing the deal with Prevail isn’t just a final step; it’s a defining moment. It’s where meticulous planning, strategic negotiation, and heartfelt dedication come together, ensuring that the finale of the sale is just as harmonious and promising as every note that led to it.

Curious about how this meticulous approach leads to not just a sale but the right sale? Stay tuned as we unveil the lasting impact and continuous support in Step 5 of The Seller’s Roadmap.

Step 5: Post-Sale Support – Navigating New Beginnings

The sale of a business is a monumental milestone, but it’s not the end of the journey. It’s the beginning of a new chapter, both for the business and the entrepreneur. Here’s how we ensure this transition is as rewarding and worry-free as possible through our comprehensive post-sale support.

After the successful sale of his business, Glenn embarked on a new chapter. While the ink on the deal was dry, the journey was far from over. Our role shifted from advisors and negotiators to allies and confidants, guiding Glenn through the complexities of the post-sale landscape.

Here’s how we navigated this essential phase:

  • Ongoing Compliance & Legal Obligations: Even after the sale, businesses have ongoing compliance and legal obligations. We provided Glenn with the necessary legal support to navigate this complex terrain. From ensuring all agreements were honored to addressing any compliance matters that arose, our legal expertise continued to serve as Glenn’s steadfast support.
  • Transition Planning for a New Venture: For many entrepreneurs like Glenn, selling their business is not an end but a transition to new ventures. We were there to help Glenn plan his next steps. Whether it was exploring new business opportunities or investing in new ventures, our strategic guidance ensured that Glenn’s entrepreneurial spirit continued to thrive.
  • Acquisition Support for New Endeavors: The entrepreneurial journey doesn’t stop with one success. For those like Glenn who choose to dive back into the entrepreneurial waters, our support extends to helping them assess and acquire new businesses. Our expertise in valuation, due diligence, and negotiation became Glenn’s trusted resource in evaluating potential acquisitions, ensuring that his future ventures stood on solid ground.
  • Continuous Availability & Support: Change can be daunting, and questions can arise at any time. Our team remained available for Glenn, providing him with the reassurance and answers he needed. Whether it was a query about the transition, a discussion about potential investments, or simply a need for a trusted opinion, we were just a call away.
  • Setting the Foundation for Future Success: Our support wasn’t just reactive; it was proactive. We helped Glenn set a solid foundation for his post-sale life. From financial planning to exploring new opportunities, we ensured that the success Glenn achieved in selling his business was just the beginning.

The sale of a business is a significant life event, and our support reflects its gravity. With our comprehensive post-sale support, we ensure that entrepreneurs like Glenn are not just closing a chapter but are also well-prepared and supported to write the next one.

As we conclude The Seller’s Roadmap, remember that our commitment to your journey doesn’t end with the sale. It evolves to ensure that your success continues, your legacy thrives, and your future is filled with as much achievement and fulfillment as the business you nurtured.

Take the Next Step with The Seller’s Roadmap

Building a legacy isn’t just about the numbers on a balance sheet; it’s about ensuring your life’s work transcends the transaction. But let’s face it, navigating the sale of your business without a clear, proven strategy can feel like sailing without a compass.

That’s precisely why we developed The Seller’s Roadmap.

It’s not just a process; it’s your blueprint for securing a sale that respects your hard work and and preserves the essence of your business. We’ve seen it drive reGlennable results for clients like Glenn, turning the daunting task of selling a business into a well-orchestrated journey that honors its legacy.

Remember, at Prevail, we’re more than advisors; we’re partners in your journey. We’re here to ensure that your business — your legacy — is not just sold, but celebrated and continued.

Let’s craft a future that honors your past. Let’s make your legacy last.

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